As an Architect & Multimedia Designer, my passion for continuing education reinforces existing skills and explores new methodologies in project development, information delivery, and management. Having been involved in various aspects of the design industry for over 15 years, I am fortunate to continuously have the opportunities to share my design, software, management, and leadership skills with experienced professionals in various projects, as well as university students. Through all of my endeavors, I have aimed to challenge myself with research and diligence to discover solutions that optimize and expedite design, production, and construction processes.

In an industry that is constantly evolving with technology, my teaching and mentoring philosophy promotes adaptability, innovation, and continuous learning. The university courses that I have led all highlight problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, and various multimedia approaches to guide students as they learn how to communicate information in a concise, clear, complete, and clear delivery method. These goals are accomplished by introducing students to fundamental principles, methodologies, and computer applications, along with continuous reinforcement through applied practice, a strategy that translates effectively into the professional arena.

Through my experience as a student, design professional, and educator, I have learned to appreciate the different perspectives that have emerged, which in turn, have helped me to become a more capable professional and leader in the design industry. I encourage innovation, creativity, collaboration, and constructive criticism in all of my projects and instruction. Through my own continuing education and carefully listening to students, other educators, and design professionals, I am always searching for ways to be a more effective architect and leader.

-Hans Palacios